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Dr. Jeffrey B. Pease
Chiropractic Care

At Pease Family Chiropractic we use adjustment techniques that are individualized to the person and condition.  We offer traditional manual adjustments as well a low-force/gentle techniques. Our Chiropractic Care is safe for pregnancy, infants, children, and adults of all ages. The technique does not really matter as long as the misalignment (subluxation) is being addressed.

Techniques Used

1) Palmer Package - A group of manual techniques taught at Palmer Chiropractic College to address spinal subluxations (misalignments).  Great for people who like a more physical adjustment.

2) Activator
- Lighter instrument technique. Great for people who do not like to feel/hear cracking or popping.  This technique is very gentle. Also is great when there has been a past surgery or moderate to severe arthritis (degenerative disc disease).

3) Flexion/Distraction
- Great way to decompress the spine. Excellent technique for disc injuries.  Good opportunity to prevent spinal surgery.
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4) Spinal Decompression - Excellent technique for disc injuries, disc bulges, and some disc herniations. Spinal decompression is performed on a specially designed table to gently stretch and relax the spine. Through a series of computer controlled light stretches and release, this "pumping action" allows the disc to decompress and get its nutrition in a way a normal healthy disc receives its nutrition.